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"To be really able to understand how extraordinary all that we were falsely taught was ordinary, is the true heart of magic."

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Energy Magic

  • 0% to 100% Rule 0% to 100% Rule The 0% to 100% Rule states that before we begin an energy based intervention, working with the ENERGY BODY, we cannot know if or how much effect the energy intervention will have on physical, practical, behavioural and/or psychological problems.
  • 1 = Infinity 1 = Infinity One Equals Infinity refers to the fact that every event happens only once and can never be repeated. From Energy Events.
  • 16.7% - The 16.7% Advantage 16.7% - The 16.7% Advantage 16.7% is the additional information provided by the 6th Sense which changes the way we calculate reality.
  • 3 Levels Of Reality Absolute 3 Levels Of Reality Absolute Reality Absolute has (at least) three levels: 1. Physical Reality, 2. The Hard, and 3. the Energy realms. The 1st and the 3rd are reliable, reasonable and rational, and follow the laws of the Great Creative Order; the 2nd, The Hard, was made by human ...
  • 3rd Field 3rd Field Modern Energy is the new 3rd Field in the Mind, Body, Spirit triad.
  • 6th Sense 6th Sense The 6th Sense is our emotions (intuition, emotion, psychosomatics).
  • Aroma Energy Aroma Energy AromaEnergy refers to working with the energy of aromatherapy essential oils instead of the physical/chemical properties to bring about ENERGY BODY healing and transformation.
  • Art Solutions Art Solutions Art Solutions is the original movement to say "Do not paint the problem. Paint the solution!" Used in Modern Energy Art, but also used in ALL Modern Energy approaches, Art Solutions revolutionises the way we approach problem solving and unlocks the Power ...
  • Artefact Artefact 1. Energetically significant object, a keeper of energy information that acts as a doorway to a specific place in time and space. 2. One of the 23 Energy Symbols.
  • Aspect Model Aspect Model Aspect Model - Replacement for "Parts Model" in Modern Energy, created by Silva Hartmann 2009
  • BeauTy T BeauTy T EMO for creating a beautiful energy body and healing the self image from the ground up. * EMO BeauTy T is the direct replacement for plastic surgery just to "feel better."
  • Book Of Stars Book Of Stars The Book of Stars is a special note book from Star Matrix which contains details of a person's own Star Events.