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TGS With A Builder's Boy

A TGS session with a 15 year old "special needs" boy and the discovery of a new meaning for one of the genius symbols ...

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Pyramid Of Secrets

The pyramid of secrets, or the hierarchy of intelligence, is one of those meta structures that needs to be exploded, and fast. It's wrong, it's evil, it's inhumane and its time has been and gone.

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Demanding MORE in EFT

A two part self help session, a metaphor and why +8 is a tragedy.

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Meet Dr Poppet ...

Now that's the kind of PS pattern we don't talk about it public ... don't want to frighten the children ...

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Energy Fields Around The Head

How do ereas around the head influence how we perceive reality? Can cults create particular energy forms which block off incoming logic? How do such energy forms arise, and how do they influence learning and the ubiquitous doors of perception?

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Damien Hirst, Art & The Beautiful Decomposition

Thoughts on unknowable events, events echoes and Damien Hirst's vibe of the "beautiful decomposition."

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EFT Belief Video

Watch an hour in depth video on working with EFT & Beliefs from the Energy EFT Master Practitioner series free online in the VIP club.

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Behaving As Though Someone Gives A Sh*t

How to turn your delusions into reality ... oh yes, absolutely! Cool

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12 Step Program EMO Style?

That could be an interesting experience ...

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SFX In The First Grade


Yeah ... :-)

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Regaining The Shape Of Home

Reflections on the March EFTM training, on Mastermind groups and slow learners ...

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EFT Heart Of Gold

The awesome new Energy EFT protocol fresh off the press - VIPs get it first!

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Synesthesia Made Easy ;->

Apparently, many great artists were synaesthetes. According to an expert, there are many pretend synaesthetes out there - you either are, or you aren't.

I beg to differ. Synaesthesia is easy - if you know how!

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Personal Development By Harddrive

The organisational structure or lack thereof of how one stores one's files is a direct reflection of thinking patterns and structural organisation of the mind/brain/energy system.

When we re-structure our harddrives, do we also re-structure our minds? The answer is, Yes.

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Free EMO Session Offer

This is now closed. Good fun was had by all!

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EMO & Shields In Children

Case stories and discussion on shields, ereas and how children make shields.

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Addicted To Beauty

Are Healing Events addictive? Like Heroin? And what would happen if you became an addict ...?

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DragonLords, Naturally Speaking ...

A speech recognition program highlights the differences between metasong, paranormal language and "muppet speech."

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Advertising For Skeksis Tends To Bring You - Skeksis!

A beautifully simple and very, very useful pattern for sorting out your advertising in the name of the law of attraction.

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An Energy Sex Game For Valentine's Day

More research/researchers are needed! Laughing

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